The recent earthquake, tsunami, and resultant nuclear crisis have been ever-present for most of us over the last 2 weeks. I write this post with an extension of lovingkindness, compassion, wisdom and fearlessness for all of the people in Japan as they walk on their path of rebuilding after their losses. The stories arising from the many postsI have read, share how much the spirit of lovingkindness and unity has held the survivors together. This, of course, has extended around the globe as we all see, hear, and feel the many images arising from Japan. Of course, my wish also is extended to the many others across the globe who also are standing up for justice, peace, and harmony.

Our world is in labor pains for birthing a Unity Consciousness Human species. Our paths as humans is to potentially know our inherent interconnection with All That Is. No separation from ourselves, each other, all other sentient beings, Mother Nature and the Cosmos. Your continued presence to your own life and your remaining present as a midwife to this birthing process is required fully. This is not easy, but necessary.

These two weeks have been powerful for myself. I have also been witness to the process of many of my students. How do we all remain present in the face of so much intense transformation unfolding? And in so many arenas—really most every facet of our existence. The forces seem gargantuan and the intensity of the sensations is very strong for many, many moments of our lives.


We can only know ourselves, know our interconnection with All That Is, and create compassionate wise actions from the present moment. There are three main ways we, as humans, disengage from the present moment.

How do we leave the present moment? This week, the reactionary pattern of dislike, or aversion was pretty prevalent. I could watch this in myself in regards to budget cuts or the arising fear for the possibility of radiation potentially coming to the West Coast of the United States. This was also present in most all students relative to many different world or personal life events. Aversion is one of our amoeba-like reactionary states of our Ego mind. Our Ego mind is not connected to Awareness and views moments only from a duality perspective. Either/or. Good/bad. Right/wrong. I don’t like this or that and therefore I turn away or push away or run in fear. I am only reacting from the fear.

The opposite to aversion is attachment and of course, this arose also. Another reaction of the Ego mind–duality consciousness. I found this arising in an interesting way. I could observe my way of attaching to creating ‘safety’ in my world. Attachment and aversion always actually arise at the very same moment. If I don’t like this or that and turn away from that moment; then, at the very same time I am attached or expecting the exact opposite. Once again I am reacting. Attachment is basically when I like this or that and attempt to prolong the moment or ‘keep’ it and once again arises from fear.

The third way I can leave the present moment is by checking out of it by avoiding, rationalizing, or just giving up and numbing out. This tendency was prevalent at times this week also. In light of the huge global challenges we face as a species, it all seems so huge. Giving up and checking out by numbing out with television, computer games, exercise, food, or whatever other tendencies we may have, is leaving the present moment.


When we live our lives just being bounced around like a pinball between attaching, rejecting or checking out of a moment, we are at the mercy of our habits, our unawareness, and our highly reactive and habitual Ego mind. We will be in a constant state of effort, fear and reaction.

The path to Unity Consciousness is accessed by moving past these three ways. I call this the Fourth way path. The path of Awareness. The path where we dance very gently yet persistently, very wisely with passion for justice, and very much with a reverence for all of Life. This is done completely with an open heart and access to a gentle state of wonder. This is the world of ‘and’–the world of paradox. The world of Wisdom.

Yin/Yang--Duality within Unity

Unity consciousness has duality consciousness enfolded within it. The duality of night/ day, yes/no, feminine/masculine still shows up and is seen, felt, and interacted with on a daily basis. It no longer leads our game however. Instead there is a dynamic and harmonious balanc’ing’ of these duality forces within Unity. We are no longer a pinball being shot out and catapulted from attachment to aversion to disconnected and back again for each and every moment of our lives.

Instead, we choose Awareness. Unity Consciousness and the Fourth way. We still operate in and play the pinball game. However, we are fully connected to knowing when/where the ball is heading. We choose our actions from staying embodied to the present moment which makes a very non-linear path through the pinball machine. We do not live from so much reaction. This is the path of Awareness.


Our awareness practices are always with this same intent. With these times in our world, it is even more important for us to have body-connecting practices, mind calming and stillness practices, and practices to aid us in holding the paradoxes of the moment. The Fourth way requires a very frequent checking in with your own bodily sensations. This allows you to monitor when attachment/aversion are arising and allows you to pause and not let your pinball get shot back and froth between bumpers endlessly with unawareness. It also allows includes the ability to notice the tendency to check out within that dance. The Fourth way occurs from love, not fear. Awareness and Unity Consciousness only arise from love, harmony, Wisdom and compassion.

The question is: will you choose the Fourth way? And choose it again…..and again…..and again……and again. Not turning away from our global challenges with rejection and disgust, or disconenction and overwhelm, and not attaching to a Polyanna attitude either. Every action you make, no matter how big or small, if done with an intent for Unity Consciousness, that is your path. It makes a difference–no matter the size. Stay present. Choose Unity. Play the game of pinball but as a co-creator with reality.

Merge your special gifts to act and play your particular game from love and not fear. With a respect and reverence for Life, sharing, cooperation, harmony and interconnection with All That Is. Persist for justice without attaching, ride the flow without resisting, expand to hold the paradoxes without numbing out.

Please join Carrie Lafferty, PT, GCFP(cm) at Feldenkrais and Qi Gong in Seattle for a class or practice in order to help you choose and then remain on the Fourth way path. She can be contacted at, (206) 459-1773, or

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