Birth is a messy process. We are right there in the middle of it. The crown of the head of our new collective human species is out of the birth canal. Will we actually birth this new species of human? I am calling them Homo Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens.

Will they actually take form on our planet and begin their stewardship of wise compassionate care of the one interconnected Web of Life that all beings and Mother Earth are part of?


We sit at a moment during the birthing process where there are many challenges. It is messy, painful and the tendency to distract, check out, or turn away in fear is strong.

We have all co-created the figures on our political stage. They are each playing a role in our collective birth. They function as mirrors, reflections, shadows, and archetypes for our personal and collective transformation.

This rebirth of the homo sapiens creature into the Homo Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens creature has been slowly happening over the past five thousand years. With the dawn of dualistic, power-over, hierarchical, and patriarchal thinking and the actions that arise from those mind states, we buried the divine feminine energy that lives in each of us and our collective. Home Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens has a dynamically counter-balanced embodied masculine and feminine. Personally and collectively.


Homo Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens is not a dualistic ‘either/or’ species. They are a multiversal ‘both/and’ species. Love is the glue that binds the Web of Life they steward. They base their actions on power-with, mind/body connection, and heart-centered ways of being.

The patriarchal system is dying a painful death. The players on the stage are there to evoke us to expand, grow, transform and transmute fear. Fear is the glue that binds together the patriarchal way of being.

We all get to choose how to engage with these players on the stage in front of us and with the emotions they evoke in us. We are not the audience. We have and continue to co-create their and our scripts. We can grow, deepen and expand to see more of the stage than just where they occupy. This is where novel ways of being for the new Homo Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens creatures live.

Imagine you are looking at a tv screen and this is what you see.





Looking at this screen, we can make very little meaning. Our focus is very narrow.

Through embodiment practice, opening your heart to deep care and connection, and choosing fearlessness you can begin to grow and see a wider screen. This is now what you can begin to see.



V          E


By continuing to focus your intent on how you want to feel—connected to life, with compassion for all beings, and ease and fluidity of moving through life, you begin to expand again. Now more comes into view on the screen. This is what you experience now.


B      E


L          O          V          E


You realize the screen and stage of life are much bigger than what you see and experience now.

Love is the glue that binds together the one interconnected Web of Life for Homo Compassion-Wisdom Sapiens.

Will you be a mid-wife for our own collective birth?



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