“You are what you eat. You are what you think. You are what you feel. You ARE your direct interactions with all of Life!” We’ve all heard it. We all know it. How often do we choose to access it? WHAT IS IT?

The most high, clear and wise energy available to us. Through that conscious choice we have access to LIVE with our full life force energy. This requires clear and aware choices in each and every arena in our life. Choices made from and with the highest of integrity or state of wholeness.

Choose Life!

Our world is full of toxins. In our foods, water, air, electronic airwaves, media and within so many of our interactions with others. We are one and the same as our environment that we surround ourselves with. What we take in our mouths, our hearts and our minds is the literal food/energy we have to work with. This provides us with the physical nourishment we require to move through our day and to open our hearts and our minds to our interconnection with all of Life. In other words, to truly embody that interconnection to the Gaian Web of Life and be of service to the unfolding of Life in a truly compassionate, wise, connected and thriving way.

You can only work with what you eat!

What we take in is the energy we have to work with (or not!). When we take in lower vibrational energy in an unaware way (in other words to just react to life), then we usually just feed our reactive habits hiding in our shadow. Becoming curious AND conscious about what we surround ourselves with is the first step towards knowing our inherent wholeness (our full spiritual/health/service/Deep Soul Path).

Everything you put in your mouth, your heart and your mind matters. It matters directly for your personal energy and evolutionary path AND it matters equally for our collective path. Our completely interconnected Gaian Web of Life. Choosing to support food, water, personal interactions, media/entertainment, practices/actions that do not rape our Mother Earth and in turn bring in a higher vibrational state to ourselves and our collective is of utmost importance at this time in our evolution of consciousness!

Choose Life! Know what you are eating. Know what you are drinking. Know what you are thinking, feeling, and sensing. Know how you are acting. Stay connected to the complete unfolding of ALL OF LIFE and choose with non-judgmental clarity how to access all of your Life Force energy. Apathy, distraction, numbing out, turning away from, clinging to Life all occur from and through recycled habits of unaware disconnection and effort. Know what and how you are being and doing Life!

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