The Mayan Calendar and it’s end date are not about an apocalyptic end of the world scenario. It is not about an event or a series of events that are just going to drop down from the sky upon us suddenly. It requires our active co-creation with it.

The Mayan Calendar depicts a non-linear evolution of consciousness tracking from the Big Bang nearly 16 billion years ago to the potential completion of that fully evolved consciousness–interconnected unity conscious–at the completion of the Calendar. Therefore, the Calendar isn’t about an end to the world but about a full completion or manifestation of evolutionary forces. This full completion however requires our active participation or co-creation with it.

The Calendar is driven by Source Wisdom held by the Universal archetypal image of a spiral World Tree that encompasses no-thingness and All That Is. This universal dynamic spiral or helix is the same at the quantum level of string theory through the spirals of Mother Nature and to the macroscopic level in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The same helix is interconnected between all of the above realms through us–the human species– within our own helix genetic code as well as our own dynamic neutral spiraling moving.

The Calendar can be thought of as a 9-tier pyramid with each ascending level of the pyramid going higher and being proportionately more condensed. Think of each level of the pyramid as being a passage of time and the energy of that level having a specific intent of consciousness manifestation. Each of the 9 levels of the pyramid continues along in time at their own rate all to manifest fully complete together at the end of the Calendar. All nine energy waves are concurrently being manifested and each specific level is also individually being manifested in a repeating pattern.

This repeating pattern is a division of each level of the pyramid into 13 even segments of time. Each pyramid level is divided into 13 even segments of time and each ascending level has the same 13 even divisions but they occur in a factor of time twenty times faster. Each of the 13 segments of time has a particular type of energy associated with it. The progression of the 13 divisions of time may be thought of as an archetypal passage of energy similar to how a seed germinates, rests, sprouts, rests, bifurcates, rests, puts down deeper roots, rests, creates full foliage, rests, buds, rests, creates fruit and/or flower, rests, and drops new seed to germinate again.

The energy of each level of consciousness undergoes a similar passage of 13 divisions on each level of the pyramid. During the 13th division of each level, a new twenty times faster energy wave becomes prevalent and starts the germination of the next higher level of consciousness. This same cycle repeats itself nine times for the nine levels of the pyramid. Remember that the 13th division of each pyramid level is still coming to full completion or manifestation as each subsequent level is beginning, continuing, and completing also.

The completion or end of the Mayan Calendar is when all of these 9 forces will be fully manifest and in place. The 9 cosmic forces require our human intention to align and become co-creators with for their full evolution to become manifest. Each wave shift in the 13 divisions of each pyramid level and each wave shift of each of the 9 pyramid levels supports a completely different quantum energy field and only that field. The full progression allows for consciousness to evolve from the spark of possibility at the Big Bang to fully interconnected consciousness of All That Is with humans knowing that interconnection at the completion of the Calendar.

Since the human species is the only species that can be conscious fully of our own consciousness, we are the potential co-creators to align with the cosmic forces!

Dr. Carl Calleman, the foremost scientist and scholar on the Mayan Calendar has tracked the biological and historical evidence that correlates, for the most part exactly, with each of the wave shifts of the Calendar’s 9 levels and 13 divisions of each level. His lifework since the late 1970’s has been on compiling this empirical evidence. See Dr. Calleman lives in the Seattle area.

He has given a name to each of the 9 levels or Underworlds as they are called in Mayan Cosmology. The name Dr. Calleman has placed on them is directly in line with the type of consciousness that particular pyramid level of cosmic force is manifesting or ‘bringing into’ the collective energy field. Remember from the base of the pyramid to the top, the forces depict an evolution of consciousness. From bottom to top they are as follows: 1) Cellular 2) Mammalian 3) Tribal 4) Familial 5) Regional 6) National 7) Planetary 8) Galactic and 9) Universal.

Each of the 9 levels then has the 13 divisions analogous to the progression from germination of the seed of that particular level to it’s full bloom. For example, the first level, cellular consciousness is currently in the 13th division of it’s manifestation which began as a spark of consciousness at the Big Bang. We as a species are still undergoing a cellular progression of consciousness that has been going on for 16 billion years of time and will require our co-creation with it to fully become manifest. This particular co-creation will allow full intuition to arise for us today. This is true for each of the other Underworlds also named aptly for their unfolding consciouness!

The energy of the 13 even divisions of each pyramid level alternate between a ‘light’ or ‘active’ or ‘day’ energy and a ‘dark’ or ‘resting’ or ‘night’ energy. This sequence is the same for each subsequent pyramid level and can be studied from one level to the next as a predictor for types of events and energies that are supported and those that are no longer supported. This is the huge mass of work that Dr. Calleman has done and can be studied in depth in his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Human Consciousness.

The perceptual feel of each shift of the 13 divisions of each pyramid level and the perceptual shift of each pyramid level itself can be and is being palpably felt by all on our planet! Since the same archetypal energy of the analogy of seed to flower to seed is occurring twenty times faster with each level, the palpable feeling of the acceleration of time is very much created!

This is alive and well today in the 12th division of the 8th Underworld. The 8th Underworld of Galactic Consciousness and the 12th division of rest before full bloom drops it’s new seed for the 13th division of the 8th Underworld to begin on Nov 3, 2010. This period we are in now is a ‘dark’ or ‘night’ or ‘rest’ division and these periods support resting, closure or destruction of ‘old consciousness’ that is no longer moving forwards towards the higher level upcoming. The 13th division or 7th Day (an ‘active’ or ‘light’ or ‘day’ energy) of the Galactic Underworld will begin on Nov 3, 2010 and move to full completion of Galactic Consciousness at the end of the Calendar just like all of the other 7th Days are doing concurrently.

This will then follow with the 9th Underworld or level of the pyramid beginning on Mar 9, 2011. The 13 divisions of time in the Universal Underworld or 9th Underworld will have a quantum energy shift every 20 days! The same amount of energy will be packed archetypally into each of those 20 day divisions as is packed into the 1.26 billion year division of the 13 segments of the Cellular Underworld and each of the other divisions of the following Underworlds! No wonder the energy is so palpably chaotic in our world right now and getting ready to shift to an even higher frequency soon!

The Calendar is completely fractal and based on factors of 13 x 20. The 4 Underworlds that track human consciousness most directly as we know it today are the top four–the National, Planetary, Galactic and Universal. These four Underworlds track 5,125 years in time–approximately that of human civilization–up to what we know today!

The division of time of the 13 segments of the National Underworld is 394 years covering from 3115 BC to the end of the Calendar (historically Human Civilization). The division of time of the 13 segments of the Planetary Underworld is 19.7 years covering from July 1755 onto the end of the Calendar (historically the Industrial Revolution). The division of time of the Galactic Underworld is 360 days covering from Jan 5, 1999 to the end of the Calendar (historically coming to possibly be called the Technological Revolution). And, as already stated, the division of time of the Universal Underworld is 20 days covering in time from Mar 9, 2011 to the completion of the Calendar (possibly the intuitive, telepathic or unity Revolution). Dr. Calleman has the completion of the Calendar on Oct 28, 2011 for reasons that are well documented but too complicated to explain here. Check his website or book for a definitive explanation.

I have elected to go into this much detail on the Calendar to give a background for the upcoming Conscious Convergence which is Jul 17-18, 2010. These days are analagous to the Harmonic Convergence which was Aug 16, 1987. They are analagous as they are both pre-waves to the subsequent Underworld they are precursor to. They are prepratory waves to their subsequent Underworlds. The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 prepared for entry into the Galactic Underworld beginning in 1999 just as the Conscious Convergence is the pre-wave to prepare for the entrance into the Universal Underworld starting Mar 9, 2011.

The Universal Underworld quantum energy shift will bring in the cosmic force of Unity Consciousness–that which supports the interconnection of all beings–the transcendence of all separation (ex: between self and no-self, male and female, human and nature, ruler and ruled, east and west, etc….) and the allowance to see reality as is–fully interconnected. This fully interconnected knowing embodies the complete alchemical interweaving and complementary dynamic balancing of yin and yang or dark and light for sustainable and Unity living.

The wave shift can only fully manifest with our active intention to align ourselves or co-create with it however! That co-creation is both individual and collective. The Conscious Convergence is about precisely that. This pre-wave energy will fully support and require our Conscious choice to participate in Unity Consciousness and ask how we specifically can manifest Unity for and with the collective evolution of consciousness?

This pre-wave of the Conscious Convergence is being participated in globally at the same time. A World Tree of events in the four directions will anchor the intent with all the other thousands of events filling in the Healing Medicine Wheel spiraling across, over, around and through the planet.

The World Tree events marking the four directions will be in Norway and South Africa in the North and South and Singapore and Guatemala in the East and West. The event I am hosing in Seattle is one of the thousands in between.

The event will be very organic and spontaneous in manifestation. Please come with an open heart, mind, and intent to allow your intuition and inner knowing to speak to you on all levels as to how you are specifically here at this time and place in the evolution of Consciousness to aid it’s full manifestation in the way that only you can!! Come prepared to choose to participate in Unity. To sit, move, wait, open, and expand into that wordless knowing of connection to All That Is. Then, allowing this knowing to guide your actions and being in the unfolding days.

Please tell others about the event and feel free to invite anyone who is choosing to participate in Unity!

You may contact me at 206-459-1773 or if you have any questions.

Blessings & En Lak’Ech (I am another You),