It was a clear, cold winter weekend in the Pacific NW. Old western red cedars, hemlocks, spruces and vine leaf maples towered over the grounds. A heavy frost hung on the grasses and small shrubs.




The pond was partially frozen with bare decaying branches sticking up haphazardly. Numerous lichen covered nurse logs lay along the trail encircling the pond.



The yurt was only one of the physical containers for this winter retreat.


The other containers were each of the fourteen participants’ body/heart/minds and the bigger collective heartmind they all co-creaed together with the two co-facilitators, Carrie and Cathy.


The gathering of these particular souls for the weekend created a unique and special energy that I am grateful to have shared in.

The time of year was what is known as One Yang in the interconnected Web of Life of Yin/Yang theory. Did you know that the yin/yang symbol was created thousands of years ago? It came about by observing and measuring the shadows that were cast daily. Once recorded, the continuously changing cycle was drawn on an even circle grid.

During the time period from winter solstice to summer solstice the shadows are decreasing and yang energy is rising. Of course this is reverse for the time period from summer solstice to winter solstice when the shadows are increasing and yin energy is rising.


The most powerful time in this seasonal cycle of change to allow your intents to germinate is just after winter solstice. Aligning with this natural initial rising yang energy gives a powerful foundation for your inner light to co-create new inspirations and insights. This is One Yang energy.

I am humbled by the courage that was present in these intrepid inner world travelers. They chose to remain present, drop deeply into the interpersonal practices offered. They agreed to explore fully their own inner worlds with the intrapersonal practices shared and they did so spontaneously. And beautifully.


Teachings were received from each other, the surrounding tree beings, and the clarity of all of the other interwoven elements that were so undeniably present. There was a deep observation of their own place in the family of things.

Meals were eaten family style and organic ingredients were lovingly crafted into beautiful meals by Sandy and her staff. Specific food preferences were beautifully honored and cared for.

Accommodations were comfortable and simple in the lodge. Rooms could very well remind you of staying at a dear family member’s farm home, long established and cared for with love for many years.


Thank you to Cathy for co-facilitating a successful and powerful first retreat together. Thank you to all the participants for showing up fully and so beautifully together. Thank you to Mosswood Hollow for holding such a sacred piece of land to do ceremony and teaching with.

Here are some participant comments:

“It was like being part of a new experience in a safety net of acceptance.”

“Thank you! Let’s do it often. Learned from everything. Hope to continue learning.”

“Carrie’s skills in Feldenkrais and Qi Gong are a wonderful compliment to the spiritual journey. Energizing, liberating.”

“Cathy is the Martha Stewart of the chakras and Carrie the Julia Childs (or Jacques Pepin) of movement.”

“What worked for me was the interacting with others–mutual sensitivity/response. I think it’s called sharing–I like it.”

“I enjoyed the camaraderie that developed among the other participants.”

“I was able to silence my mind and overcome the fear of the unknown and take back my spiritual sense. I gained tools to help me stay grounded. I now need more practice.”

“Cathy’s energy was great and had a lot of interesting examples on how to look at something different. i.e. Lessons–they are called lessons because you have to not know something in order to learn something.”

“The whole thing worked since I came with an open attitude. I love the idea of take what you want.”

I very much look forward to next year! I hope you will join us then.