Fight, Flight, Freeze………..or Flow

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Feldenkrais Seattle, Meditation, Qi Gong Seattle

Your choice. Always. Habit isn’t a choice–it is a reaction. Aware choice is a response. Which will you create?

Habit will likely have you creating effort. Too much effort to ‘push your way through’–Fight. Too much effort ‘to avoid the situation’–Flight. Too much effort by holding a rigid view that ‘there is no other way’—Freeze.

Aware choice will have you curious, wondering, and sensing. Always sensing. For your inner flow. Sensing for your inner world to show you flow–through a deep breath, a slightly more open and expansive sense within yourself as well as the obvious —a sense of moving in the direction of more continuous smoothness in your movements.

What do you choose?

This requires practice. Any path of awareness requires cultivation of a practice. Deep inner inquiry, gentle yet fierce persistence, courage to stay present for what shows up and much compassion/kindness for the continual requirement to practice….again and again. To choose to wake up…..again.

We are in a time of great transformation. The chaos/effort in our Mother Earth and in our global world is a direct reflection of the chaos/effort in our collective species as well as in each of us personally. The way from Fight/Flight/Freeze effort in our planet to Flow can only be traversed through the same path in each of our inner worlds.

This transformation is an inside out job. The only way to move towards Flow–having the whole operate with harmony and ease—is to practice. Cultivate this practice in your own lab–your inner world. Frequently. Notice with curiosity. Play Wonder, Notice again. Refine your noticing.

Practice Flow.....

Allow your own inner wisdom to ‘pay forward’ each noticing to a future moment. This will slowly allow your innate inner wisdom to arise in those future moments. You will begin to act with Flow. Finding yourself much closer to Flow earlier in those future moments. You will begin to feel improved ability to find grace, ease and connection–no matter your circumstances.

The amount of Flow experienced in each of us adds up to the amount of flow experienced by our collective. The amount of Flow experienced by our collective relates to how we experience our global world. Fight/Flight/ Freeze effort in the world equals the same within each of us. Practice changing your inner world towards Flow and experience your perception of tour global world and your actions within it changing. Towards a sense of increased ease/flow –no matter the circumstances.

We will only transform our world through committed cultivation of self-awareness practices. There are many available: FELDENKRAIS, Qi Gong, Meditation, Yoga, Shamanic indigineous wisdom and many others. Choose one, commit to a practice. Begin now! Our world is crying out for YOU TO BEGIN and for YOU TO CONTINUE… notice and to cultivate noticing again.

Are you moving from Fight/Flight/Freeze towards…….FLOW?

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