From Where They Arise

by | Apr 5, 2016 | News

We are in pivotal times. It is time to no longer turn away. Time to truly act with compassion, courage and clarity for the future generations. It is time to deeply drop into the center of your own soul’s longing and stay committed to actions arising from that place.

I came across this video recently. The qualities above are exemplified in the actions of this mother and baby raccoon. She is creative, patient and acts from love. The little one is explorative, open, trusting and curious.

May we all drop down and find the strength and integrity to move forward for all of Life. Life creating Life in a way that allows us to thrive and live in a harmonious way with all beings and with our Mother Earth.


I am so moved by the paradox of our times. It is beautiful to watch so many awakening, acting with courage and love, and committing to co-creating a new way of being together on this planet.

At the same time, the challenges of our times are monumental, in all arenas. I’ve been really reflecting on how this is living in me and this poem is what came out.


I share it with you now.



From Where They Arise

That space that is empty
no, it’s full.
It shimmers and appears
only to turn
on it’s foot
and dance away into
If you wait
and sometimes, wait….
the choreography changes.
A glimmer of that
shiny dress’s edge
cuts through the dark void.

Twirling into existence
for a moment.
With attention and intention
the choreography becomes
more fluid.

A possibility for alignment.
Right in the confluence of
the heartmind.

Touching lightly,
yet authentically sensing
in it’s entirety
the dance’s form.

Held in the arms
of the stillness and mystery
from where it arose.

No worry or anxiety,
only the sweet taste
of the dance’s form
settling into the next revolution.

Finding where the next step
is to become.
Letting go and arising again.
Fresh, anew.
Arisen from the loins of
ancient knowing
innocent discovery.

Risking the birth
of a completely new
One never experienced before.

Sensing deeply within
and feeling the rhythm.
Beat, beat, swoosh.

The courage to allow
Nature’s course to unfold.

Just like the giant maple
can only co-create
the fullness of a vital crimson gift
and then pause,
when it is time
to let the unique choreography dance
unfold to the waiting arms of
Mother Earth.

No worry, no anxiety
Only a deep knowing,
a strong gathering
into the folds of
inner darkness
where that co-creative light
is enveloped
while burning it’s way
into existence
as a new courageous bud.

Prepared to dance into
a new form of being.

Arising from that space
that is empty.
No, it is full.

The place from where they arise
intuition, inspiration,
knowing, curiosity and
most of all……Love.
Carrie 4/2016