For the Future Generations

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Meditation

I don’t often post items of political content on my blog. The borders between political activism, personal  and collective responsibility, and love for the ability of all of interconnected Life to live with justice, freedom and equality blur more and more. I write this blog post as my heart grieves the losses in our environment at the same time it embraces the potential capacity in all of humanity to co-create a new world.IMG_2295

I attended a training on non-violent civil disobedience a couple of weeks ago. I spent the day with a group of about 15 others from all walks of life and from ages in the 20’s to 70’s. There was even a daughter of one of the organizers who was about 10. She was one of the main computer screen operators!

It is for her and all of her generation and the future generations beyond that I attended the day of training. I will stand up with those that I spent the day with and hundreds of thousands of others around the globe all saying No to the Keystone XL Pipeline. All of these people are drawing a line in the sand to President Obama. Say no to the Keystone Pipeline that is to bring the dirtiest oil from Canada through the heartland of the US to the Texas coast oil refineries.

Scientists all over say building this pipeline means “Game over” for the climate. There are many ways you can get involved to say no. For our generations and for the future generations.

Here is a song by Melodeego about the pipeline.

The next training in the Seattle area will be held on March 29th. You can sign up here. /event/pledge_trainings_attend/3433

You can also get involved with the local chapter of here

Lk aititlan

As Joanna Macy, one of my teachers, said in an interview in 2011:

“Deep Time is a vast timescape embracing all that went before and all that comes after. The vista thus offered is wonderful and necessary because past and, especially, future generations are blocked from view by our current political economy. When fear and despair arise over the state of our world, the Deep Time perspective helps me look farther down the road and keep on going. There are so many who have gone before and who are coming after, it buoys me to feel linked with them in this ongoing drama. Feeling that, I can see the work my colleagues and I are doing as giving people an appetite for living with our planet in this fateful time, and doing what we can so that the beings of the future can play their part as well. That is my most basic motivation. Because I think about the future beings so much, there are times when I imagine I hear them. They are right behind my left shoulder and they are telling me not to give up. They tell me it doesn’t matter that I am not a nuclear physicist or climatologist with expertise and renown. They remind me that what matters is that I am alive now, and they are not, and I can speak for them.”

May we all wake up and bring our courage, our love for the continuance of Life and our intent for non-violence to co-create a world based on peace, justice and love.