What If Gravity and Love are the Same Force?

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Feldenkrais Seattle

Wikipedia defines gravity as “a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other.” It defines love as “a deep, tender ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward something or someone.”

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From where I sit, I could describe them both as the glue of interconnection between all things. They can be measured, formulated, studied and many other things. However, they are nearly impossible to describe in words. Scientists don’t really know what they are. They are ineffable. They can only be sensed.

Gravity pulls all matter towards the center of Mother Earth. Just like any animal or human mother would pull her loved one towards her breast.

Gravity gives us a sense of weight, mass and support. We wouldn’t be shaped as we are with strong core bones if we didn’t have to dance with gravity each moment.

When we walk through the world being love, we also give and receive the sense of grounded open support. We are once again shaped clearly by our open-hearted vulnerability as our core patten of strength.


Gravity gives us a clear sense of presence to feel fluidly as life force energy moves and weaves through us in a myriad of patterns. Our sense of navigating the world with ease, clarity and embodied power depends on how we can dance our arising life force energy with that downward gravitational presence.

Love also defines a clear life path pattern. Living life as love allows navigation with compassion, courage and an abiding ease.


What could happen if we all opened to the idea that love and gravity may be the same force?

Gravity pulls us towards our Mother Earth and all of her human and other than human beings. Love does the same pulling us back towards our Mother Earth and all her creatures. Would we care for our home and her inhabitants differently?

May it be so.