I am deeply exploring the triangle of values of honesty, commitment and honor and the flow between them in my personal life. Of course what is ‘up’ in my personal life can always be recognized in my professional life also. Maybe it is ‘up’ for you? Maybe it is ‘up’ for our human collective?

Today I mentioned to a client the phrase “How can you show up honestly and with curious commitment for yourself?” This was in reference to a commitment the client was wanting to make to paying attention to how she was sitting when in front of her computer knowing that multiple levels of distraction will show up immediately. She said “Wow, that word honesty has been coming up a lot for me recently. Hmmm.” This is a common wondering in my practice these days!


We could place honesty, commitment and honor on the three sides of a triangle. They are deeply related and flow together interchangeably informing each other. No matter which way we observe the triangle, they are all there—together.

When we show up honestly for ourselves first and then for others, we have to be committed to staying present and honestly experiencing what is present. This is either inside of us and/or between us and another or in a collective group of others.This honors the presence that holds the moment and allow our awareness to expand inviting wisdom and compassion.

Honesty isn’t always easy and can certainly be painful. However when done with curiosity then wisdom, clarity and a deep connection to ourselves, another and the collective can arise. This is a vulnerable moment. Recognizing the preciousness of that moment is honor.


Collectively we have all been wounded by dishonest and dishonorable actions of ourselves and others. When these arise, can we link compassion to commitment and confront honestly the actions that have been created? Or do we fall into resentment, hurt and dishonor ourselves and the collective further?

My own heart is being asked to open with vulnerable compassion to life’s circumstances around dishonest and dishonorable actions of another. I am living deeply into the triangle of honesty, commitment and honor and inviting my own actions to arise only from this place. I am grateful for the power of this healing triangle. I am choosing to not dishonor myself or the collective any further. How about you?