Mondays, Apr 5 to June 21.  THERE WILL BE NO CLASS ON MON, MAY 10 AND MON, MAY 31. Online 10-week Zoom class held 6-7pm.

Please pre-pay/register online or by emailing Carrie. She will then provide you with the zoom link for the class. Please contact Carrie with any other questions at

Cost: $180 for 10-wk series if pre-paid/$20 drop-in. Can also use pre-paid punch card. Purchase punch card on my website or at class.

Times are calling us to drop in deeply to an understanding of the incredible paradoxes that make up the Interconnected Web of Life. That of stability and mobility, rootedness and expansion, and knowing and uncertainty. that arises in every moment! Change your mind/body connection patterns for moving, thinking and surfing the emotions of these times to those of efficiency, ease, adaptability and resilience!

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) explorations are powerful experiments in using a particular type of curious and non-judgmental noticing while moving.

Our times are requiring the ability to be able to grow, see, and move from more than one perspective and often navigate conflicting ideas without becoming stagnant or resistant. We are all being asked to grow our perspectives. No matter how you perceive these times, learning to move through life differently can provide countless benefits from these innovative, fun and powerful movement lessons.

Reduce discomfort, increase efficiency, improve flexibility, balance and innovate your adaptability for moving through all moments in life. These lessons will be exploring the intricacies, power and resilience of how we breathe in order to bring more balanced stability and mobility in our lives!

Drop in or come for the whole series. Prepare for what the birth of spring may bring!

Want to learn minimum effort/maximum ease? At the foundation for improving your skill is learning to sense clearly how you create the movements of your life. In your body mind and at the core of your being. We will bring sensory-motor awareness in at this most foundational level with a focus on how the breath of life moves through you and inspires and strengthens all that you do.

In these classes, we will explore Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® lessons which allow you to learn to generate true flexible stability from the bridge of your spine in a more neutral and easy way. This can make any type of movement practice like yoga, martial arts or dance more effective. It is also the base for making any resistive activity in the garden or around the house become more graceful and comfortable.

This class series can be helpful for learning to navigate life from a truly felt sense place of an empowered center. By learning to widen your focus and access your awareness, you can notice when changes are necessary and be able to increase your comfort, dynamic alignment, and efficiency.

Explore the fun and highly novel movement patterns in Feldenkrais ATM’s!
Learn to decrease effort and discomfort from repetitive habits of moving. Good for first-time Feldenkrais participants or those who have explored ATM before.

Ten Week Series

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Drop-in Class

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