Jade Body Qi Gong

Mondays, Jan 22 to Mar 25, 2024.  

In Person classes held 8:30-9:30am. Please pre-pay/register online or by emailing Carrie.  Please contact Carrie with any other questions at carrie@movementfromwithin.net or 206-459-1773.

Cost: $210 for 10-wk series if pre-paid/$25 drop-in.  Includes PayPal fee. You can also mail a check to me instead.

Can also use pre-paid punch card. Purchase punch card on my website or at class. Punch card gives you 11 classes total (10 classes on the card and one additional free class with punch card purchase). Punch card never expires.

Classes will be held at Mind Body Sanctuary at 4204 Leary Way NW  Seattle, WA  918107. Street parking available in the neighborhood. Contact Carrie for entry details on getting into the space.

This Qi Gong form is specific for maintaining spinal health. It involves opening the heart in four directions to prepare for exploring spinal balance through the images and movements of the turtle, the crane and the dragon. This form specifically explores the powerful and subtle strength and harmony that arise from study of undulating movements through the entire spine.  As we enter the season Autumn and navigate these challenging times, accessing your inner resilience is of paramount importance!

In Daoist Medicne when the spine is healthy and open, our mental, spiritual, and physical health and vitality are vibrant and strong! As we learn how to sense a clear Qi flow through our spines, we manifest how to truly embody our interconnection between Sky and Earth! In other words, find balance between our Mind, Body, and Spirit. All healing of disease of ‘dis-ease’ comes from keeping this vibrant Qi flow alive, truly felt, accessible and embodied in our daily actions.

Jade Body is a cleansing form and it facilitates strength and purity, as is embodied by Jade. In Daoist history, Jade was thought to be the purist thing that existed. Modern science is now catching up with thousands of years of direct experience practice. This from is found to improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system. Begin a practice of Nature’s most effective flu shot!

No prior Qi Gong experience necessary!

Qi Gong is a practice–a conscious cultivation of wisdom derived from very specific study of the natural harmony of your movements with the movement of Nature. Choose to cultivate a healing practice now!

Reduce discomfort, increase efficiency, improve flexibility, balance and innovate your adaptability for moving through all moments in life. 

Prepare for what Winter may bring! We are living in the between. Our world is calling you to engage at your deepest level!


Drop in or come for the whole series.

Through this class series you will slowly learn the entire Jade Body Qi Gong form (or continue to refine your practice if you have already learned the form) and can be helpful for learning to navigate life from a truly felt sense place of an empowered center. By learning to widen your focus and access your awareness, you can notice when changes are necessary and be able to increase your comfort, dynamic alignment, and efficiency, and inner immune strength and resilience.

Ten Week Series $210

Ten Class Punch Card $242

Drop-in Class $25