“What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing we have just too little of”. I am definitely in agreement with the words of this 1960’s tune. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together. It seems like we have strayed far off it’s path however.

As a collective energy field, fear seems to be the driving intent in our world. It is an easy trap to fall into. Fear about what if? Fear about too much of ?? Fear about too little of ?? Fear that something will be taken away. Fear of the unknown. Fear of not being good enough. The list goes on.

Love is the opposite of fear. From where I sit, I see many more humans waking up to the incitement of fear in our world. Deeply seeing it’s toxic effects personally, in our larger communities and in the global community of all of Life. It takes an invitation, an RSVP to attend and then a deep communion with all members at the wedding of kindness and courage to transform fear into love.

Mountain ash with courage for full late summer bloom

That wedding occurs deep in the heartmind and soul of each one of us each time we either send an invitation, a RSVP or attend the wedding of kindness and courage in the face of life’s circumstances.

We always have a choice of how we respond at any given moment. It takes deep practice, commitment and respect for our strength and fragility as a human to make choices in our responses that serve our personal and our collective wholeness.

I invite you to pack up your backpack as you journey through life and put limitless amounts of kindness and courage in that pack. Each time you pause and allow the deeply embodied marriage of courageous kindness to enact your response, you hone that skill within you. No matter how ‘small’ or ‘large’ the situation. Just begin.

If you are not putting qualities of kindness, courage, love and others like them into the collective, you are likely reacting from fear and sending toxic fear energy into your personal and our larger energetic collective.

North Cascades courage in the face of late summer’s smoke and haze

Here is an invitation and a challenge.

Get out a sheet of paper and write a contract with yourself. “I will commit to attend the wedding of kindness and courage today.”

Choose small moments to start with. Those that have less charge. Those where you have less attachment.

Pause as the moment arises. Sense your contact with the ground. Drop into your inner emotional world and wait before responding. Notice if you can allow more inclusion? Can you sense the likely complex web of emotions, longings, intents and potential ‘not knowings’ to all co-exist?

Can you offer kindness to yourself and to the greater whole of life in your response? This comes from allowing life to move through you as thoughts, emotions and sensations like water flows down a riverbed. Staying deeply connected to the never-ending cycle of change that life is made up of. Can you find the courage to respond from love, not fear?

There, you did it. Send out another invitation, another RSVP and attend another moment. Your skill will develop and your personal life’s circumstances and our global collective will be fed love, not fear. Thank you!

The courage of the Larch at Bowan Pass in the North Cascades…dropping the needles of gold.