My first Seattle Feldenkrais/Qi Gong blog post!

by | Jun 3, 2010 | Feldenkrais Seattle

Well, I’ve done it. Created a blog that is, or I should more accurately say, I have had help in creating a blog. A blog about Feldenkrais and Qi Gong in Seattle as well as other related ideas and topics especially in the realm of awareness, consciousness and sustainable connection/living.

Of course it is interesting (as some things in life are–especially those that are curious and push our limits of perception). I am one of those who has been saying, “I do not want to spend more time in front of the computer” and yet, here I am. Why? Times are what they are and this is a means for sharing that has potential to disseminate ideas and possibilities quickly. We are living in powerful and important times. This is the nature of reality as it is. How do we go with it? How do we become aware of our relationship to it? I have found my way as this blog post was written while sitting on the beach overlooking the sunset with pen and paper which allows the words to flow more easily for me than the interface of the computer.

How do we become aware of the unfolding moment? There are so many ways to reach that elusive moment and they all have at their core–the presence of allowing. The direct experience of an unfolding moment–the present moment. It is both powerful and empty. Just full of what is–no more and no less, no story, no extras–just allowance of the true nature of reality in that moment.

These times we live in are crying out for more direct experience moments. Moments where there is no self, no other, no object, no foreground, no background–just relating. The true nature of the self with the true nature of the universe interconnected. Our species is here to remember this interconnection —through any of the wondrous ways possible to have that experiencing or relating come alive. We are here to remember that our true nature and the true nature of the universe are the same–exactly the same.

We can find that direct experiencing when we slow down, sit back. be quiet, pay attention inside and allow……allow the direct experiencing or relating to just come alive. It doesn’t have to be a big fanfare moment. It can be simple–as simple as just walking outside each night before you go to bed and looking at the night sky. What do you feel? How do you experience the temperature on your skin? What is the direct sensory experience of the mist in the air as it settles on your cheek or your lips? Can you just experience the unfolding moment without adding any judgement of whether you like or dislike the moment or by quickly moving onto the next thing? As you stand there looking up at the night sky, can you allow your sensing of the moment to just come to you? Maybe you experience an occasional glimmer of a star that blinks at you behind a cloud. Can you open all of your senses as you ‘see’ the star twinkle? How do you hear the night sky? How do you feel the darkness—even there in your own yard? Can you just allow without a story “about” to begin to arise? If the story does arise, can you recognize the train of thought and gently widen your senses and allow yourself to ‘return’ to the present alive and unfolding moment?

Can you begin a practice of going outside each night–no matter the weather–no matter how ‘busy’ you are? Can you be…….just for a few minutes…….be just one with and interconnected to the night; without doing anything, or participating in a story, just merging with the sacred moment of night-you-cosmic consciousness.

This is awareness. Awareness is. We don’t have to (and in fact we can’t) add anything or subtract anything from awareness. It simply is. Inner wisdom, intuition, insight, clarity of things, possibility, ancient novel knowing all arise from awareness. An awareness practice allows us to access these qualities.

An experiential moment of sensory-motor awareness is the same. Just noticing. Imagine sitting……at the computer…….as you may possibly be doing as you are reading this. Can you just feel yourself sitting? Can you feel the pressure of your buttocks on the chair? This does not mean ‘think about’ that experience. Do you remember just having the direct experience of the mist on your cheeks or your lips? You weren’t ‘thinking about’ that experience. Can you just feel the sense of pressure, the shape of that pressure of your buttocks on the chair and your feet on the floor? Can you just be…….feeling yourself sitting…..without adding anything to the moment? Creating no judgement of your liking or disliking the sense or moving quickly onto a need to fix, correct, or change the moment? Can you just be……like the moment of feeling the dark night sky?

Can you open your senses and allow just a little more space between your cells–your allowing cells—not grasping or striving cells but just allowing. By ‘allowing’ for a moment, our inner wisdom ‘moves’ gently forward as awareness– towards a more directly experiencing embodied self.

Cultivating this bare, simple noticing without additions or subtractions is what an awareness practice is. The power that lies within awareness is what allows our ability to be more comfortable, to be more at peace, and to return to our own wise inner true nature of oneness with all that arises.

Our world is in such need for more of us to wake up and create a clearer internal awareness practice in order to live and act in our world in a more interconnected way.

Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, and Meditation are all ways to cultivate this bare simple noticing and as I blog, I will share some musings on these amazing practices with you. Thanks for joining me.