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Did you know HEART and EARTH are made up of the same exact letters? A heart-based path of living is an earth-based path of living. They are one and the same. To choose to live on this earth fully awake, alert and aware means caring for your heart home-your earth body and your Mother Earth-your one and only home.

Life is only paradoxical. It is full of dynamic opposites held in a potentially harmonious tensegrity. If they are not held in harmony then they are sure to become more and more in polar opposition.yin/yang

Our world is at a crossroads at this time. Are we going to choose to live from the heart and rearrange our way of living to take care of our Earth-the heart of our living?

The inextricable linking of our hearts and our Earth home is not paradoxical. It is absolute and crying forth for us to show love and care for each other and our Earth.

This interconnection of heart and earth creates powerful conditions for us to choose to live a heart-based path on our Earth. It is not easy but it is simple. We are all interconnected. What we do to one, we do to all.

We must care for our Earth-for our children and their children. No matter where someone falls in the realm of polar opposites on matters of economics, religion, entertainment, etc…, there are no polar opposites when it comes to the children and grandchildren of all. At that level, we are all the same. We need water, food and a set of pretty narrow conditions for human life to continue to be supported on Earth.

The Wailing Jenny’s are one of my favorite groups. This is one of my favorites-One Voice.

Our children will inherit the Earth we leave them and the heart-opening path we show them as they grow. Can we come together for the future of humanity and complex life? For the future generations?

All That Is

All That Is

As many native traditions say, “We are only borrowing this earth from our grandchildren.” We must care for Earth with and from our Hearts.

This video show the alliance of potential polar opposites coming together last week at the White House. The Cowboys and Indians Alliance standing in solidarity to say no to the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. This video show the wrap up from the event. They are both short. Please take them into your hearts!

They did it for the heart based path on Earth and mostly for the children!