Opening To Both/And

by | May 30, 2018 | Feldenkrais Seattle

A camera takes a photo of a given moment in time. It could be either a panorama shot or a close-up shot. Not usually both at the same time. If both are attempted simultaneously, one or both are usually blurry. A photographer’s skill is partly based on their ability to bring both into some sort of focus at the same time.


Our thinking mind works much the same way. We see the current close-up set of circumstances and nearly immediately make a judgement of either good or bad, right or wrong. A split moment later, we time travel in our minds to the past or the future and leave our current set of potential felt sense circumstances. Hence the blur.

This sets up numerous either/or traps for us. The circumstances are either good or bad, I like or I don’t like, etc….On a slightly larger scale our disembodied dualistic thinking sets us up for a blurry understanding of the dynamic moving nature of all of Life. The both/and of Life. We get confused and overwhelmed.

The dynamic truth is that the current moment we are experiencing always lives in a larger relationship to the direction Life is moving. Both/and. Both how we are experiencing the current moment and how we can learn to create clarity in understanding the direction we are moving toward. Developing skill is to improve our ability to sense ease in the specific body pattern in the current moment and focusing on the potential panorama coming into view. Both micro focus and panorama skillfully directly sensed in the body mind. Learning to focus our internal sensing camera more clearly. Growing our capacity to live in the both/and world.

Our world is not absolute. Just like the yin/yang symbol there is always a little dark shadow within the light and a little light hiding beneath the shadow. We just have to widen our skill in accessing the both/and of a given moment.

This takes commitment, practice, and direct embodied experiences that are actually sensed. Practiced and studied within the body and the mind over and over again. Building felt sense skill.

In our world of sound bites and ‘separate’ movements that pull us into the either/or world and a deep disconnection to the bigger web of interconnection, we can offer more both/and skill building! To bring healing to each of us personally and to our collective.

We are suffering from a deep belief and attempted embodiment of this artificial separation. This false sense of hierarchy and of an either/or existence. Our emotions get deeply stirred with these sound bites of either/or separation. We get distracted, blurry, confused, and forget the innate web of interconnected and constantly moving and changing Life we exist within. The web we cannot fall from.


The politics of the moment distract, stir our emotions, and drive us to the either/or experience. Begin, grow, continue to improve, and deepen your embodied study of both/and. Build your internal skills as a both/and photographer of the current moment of life and the direction Life is moving. Co-create a more focused both/and world. The possibilities are endless!