Embracing the Paradox: Being and Doing (A Weekend Retreat)




Come to some magical woods for a deeply connecting Winter retreat! Scrumptious organic food, rejuvenating and healing Nature, and profound teachings and study based in embodied movement and Earth-based practices.


Carrie Lafferty, PT, Feldenkrais and Chi Gong teacher and Cathy Englehart, chiropractor will guide the group through movement and meditation practices designed to align with the energies of winter and feed what it is we most wish to germinate. We will explore how care of the self naturally leads to and is supported by a strong collective.


At the time when we will turn over a new year, we will drop deeply into the power of our own alchemical healing as well as the further empowerment that comes from sharing deeply with the community of Nature and others.

Join Carrie Lafferty and Cathy Englehart as they share their knowledge of bodies and movement and their experience with healing and transformation in this highly experiential retreat. We will move mindfully and sit still, walk in the woods and dream our dreams for the new year.

At the beautiful Mosswood retreat center just 45 minutes from Seattle, the forest provides a perfect place to settle into our empowered selves. Join us as we remember the power that comes with tending to our individual selves while supporting and being supported in community.


*Simple Earth-based practices that help you find your ground and align with the energies of winter and feed what it is we most wish to germinate.These practices will guide our time together and will include simple yet powerful ritual, ceremony, Nature-guided meditations as well as other spontaneous teachings that come to us from the land.

*Simple Qi Gong movements to help cleanse, purify, tonify and strengthen your energetic system as well as embody the other retreat practices. These movements will be easily learned throughout the retreat and will give you a sound practice you can continue upon returning home. Experience the rejuvenating breath of new life moving through you as you immerse yourself in a group of shared Qi Gong practice!

*Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) explorations to help you feel deeply and embody your ‘core’ root strength. This strong yet supple root will enable a flexible and comfortable opening of your chest and back allowing you to receive the renewal of Life moving through you.

*Intra personal Witness/ Communication practices in order to deepen your connection to your intents and seeds within.

*Spontaneous Writing Exercises for cultivating creativity and catalyzing the transformative container we will be building and holding.

*The incredible spontaneous building of community within yourself, between yourself and Nature and between yourself and the others at this retreat will also be a deep teacher. We are living in times where building heart-centered connections is one of the most resilient things we can do for ourselves, for each other and for our planet. Leave yourself open for the teachers of spontaneity, wonder and imagination to show up in this retreat space.

This retreat will begin on Saturday morning and conclude on Sunday late afternoon. It will be held at a beautiful and magical private retreat center about 45 minutes from Seattle in Duvall, WA.

*The retreat will have a combination of indoors and outdoors practices. Please bring clothing that you are comfortable in outdoors as well as some sort of waterproof pad for sitting on. Please include layers for being comfortable with active movement indoors as well as potential wet weather outdoors.


Please contact Carrie or Cathy if you have any questions. You do not need any prior experience with any of these practices in order to participate.





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