Enliven Your Vision: Seeing Clearly: A Feldenkrais ATM® Series



Vision is a dominant force in a human. Our skill in this realm requires catching details while concurrently seeing and navigating the big picture.

Learning how to smooth out how one uses their eyes while moving has benefits in many arenas. Neck and jaw tension dissolve. Balance improves. Creativity and inspiration are more easily accessed. Eye strain and headaches improve. Spinal alignment becomes more free and easy.

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) explorations are powerful experiments in using a particular type of curious and non-judgmental noticing while moving.

In these classes, we will explore Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM)® lessons which allow you to learn to find deeper ease and relaxation for your eyes and your seeing. Receive more clarity of focus while expanding your field of seeing possibility.

These lessons can improve any type of eye-hand coordination movements, balance activities as well as allowing computer work to become more comfortable and productive.

By learning to widen your focus and access your awareness, you can notice when changes are necessary and be able to recognize that more clear vision includes your whole body!

Reduce discomfort, increase efficiency, improve flexibility, balance and innovate your adaptability for seeing and navigating through all moments in life.

Explore the fun and highly novel movement patterns in Feldenkrais ATM’s!

Learn to decrease effort and discomfort from repetitive habits of moving. Good for first-time Feldenkrais participants or those who have explored ATM before.


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