One Thousand Hands Qi Gong




This beautiful seated Qi Gong form is simple yet allows access to deep heart opening and calming energy. In Chinese cosmology the heart and mind are one….the heartmind. It is said the mind rests in the heart.

We will learn simple yet elegant movements that are self-healing and quickly lead to a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual opening.

Practicing One Thousand Hands Buddha Qi Gong can help us to awaken our innate, noble heart and increase the power of our heartland’s healing and awakening capacity.

At it’s most simple level Qi Gong is a basic practice of following and staying present for the continuously unfolding and changing senses of life force energy as these changes move through you. We will be starting at the beginning in this Qi Gong class: Beginner’s mind.

Appropriate for those who have practiced Qi Gong, are practicing, and those who never have and/or want to begin. Beginner’s mind is always profound.

Qi Gong is an ancient system of self-healing consisting of gentle movement exercises that combine breath, slow movement, self-massage, and meditation to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. A dedicated practice can provide countless benefits including increasing calmness, reducing blood pressure, anxiety, musculoskeletal pain, regulating the neruoimmunological system and enhancing resilience,strength, balance and vitality.

You can drop in or attend regularly. We will start each class with some foundational basics and then slowly over this series learn the One Thousand Hands Buddha Qi Gong form.

One Thousand Hands Buddha can be practiced by anyone. No prior Qi Gong experience necessary.

Learn how to embody the natural strength of your human system!

Optional study book $15.


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