Root, Connect, Respond

by | Jan 10, 2021 | News

Full moon Oct 2020 near Lake Augusta, WA


What if the Coronavirus 19 is a teacher of Mystery? A teacher of the Earth, by the Earth, from the depths of Mystery and darkness deep in the Earth showing up as an instructor, as Earth medicine requiring us to root, connect and respond in a new way?

The complement to darkness is light. The counterbalance to shadow is a glow. A shadow is an absence of light. A reflection is light returning to source from an object. What if Coronavirus has arrived on Earth at this time as a strong teacher from the darkness requiring us to root deeply into our one home, Mother Earth? She and we are the depiction of both light and dark non-duality. What if Coronavirus is here to create the conditions that encourage us to turn towards the glow of awareness, lighting the shadow that has been leading humanity for millennia?

Eastern Cascades, October 2020

Sensing our roots deep in Mother Earth, we slow down momentarily. We can begin to sense, see, and feel how what has been in our personal and collective shadow is ever-present within us. Each of us and all of us. There has just been an absence of light to illuminate the dark shadow. Until we allow the glow of awareness to embrace the shadow and integrate the fear it arises from, we will continue to just keep enacting the age old patterns of fear based power-over separation thinking, feeling and actions.

The millennial’s old separation from our deep tether to Mother Earth, to each other and all beings, to the world of both/and, to the counterbalancing of opposites, and to the dynamic interconnected Web of continuous Life is showing up in the shadow teaching of Coronavirus’s appearance on Mother Earth. Coronavirus is providing the conditions to reflect some light onto these personal and collective shadows in every arena of Life.

The divisions of either/or, man vs. woman, my god vs. your god, human vs. nature, infinite growth vs. collapse, Democrat vs. Republican, science vs. religion, mask vs. no mask, vaccine vs. no vaccine, and so many others are all manifestations of the same unawakened dualistic view.

What if Coronavirus was co-created out of our own collective shadow as a clear deep teacher to bring light to our very own most profound wounds of separation? In all energetic teachings (indigenous teachings, Vedic teachings and Chinese Medicine/Daoist teachings as well as many others), all ‘dis’-ease begins as a disruption of spirit, dropping down and into matter/form through more and more fixed and rigid lack of aware communication between form and spirit and ending up as a significant disruption in biological tissue in the body. This could be in your personal body (form) or in the body of society (economic, cultural and hierarchical systems in form). In Chinese Medicine, Shen is spirit, Jing is matter/form or body and Qi is the animated life force that communicates between. What if Coronavirus is a ‘dis’-ease of our collective and personal separation from the spirit of our interconnected Web of Life?

Viruses require a host. They cannot survive on their own. Coronavirus-19 requires a human host. What is the communication between Covid-19 and humans trying to teach us? What if Covid-19 is here to have us move to a new worldview? One of both/and. A teaching that Truth included both shadow and glow, darkness and light, and the ability to root through our deepest senses, connect to the paradox of what is being experienced in the moment, and respond from a place of embodied power from Source? Both/and. Root, connect and respond from Love having integrated and ‘done the work’ of shining our inner glow of awareness on what has become marginalized or separated from out of fear.

What if we were to change the conversation and return to the ancient new findings that collaborate with energetic healing? Wisdom that Mother Earth and humanity’s long relationship with her and through her has known for eons of time? Teachings that have resided in the realm of Mystery for millennia and ‘science’ today is just discovering this wisdom that was just a way of being and doing to the ancients? Wisdom that resides at the congruence of where science and spirituality meet? Where spirt meets matter and we can return anew to a co-creative conversation within ourselves and between all beings/systems?

From Panorama Point on Mt. Rainer Dec 2020

What if our own personal immune systems and the immune system of Mother Earth are one? What if the antidote to Covid-19 isn’t war on a virus and separation from Life, but rooting into Mother Earth and communicating with our own co-creative manifestation of virus among us?

Are you willing to observe, sense and root, connect and respond to Covid-19 from a both/and perspective? Newly discovered findings in science are learning about the importance of the virome. Just like the microbiome, we are always communicating with viruses in our bodies and in our worlds. They provide us with genetic communication for maintaining our highest level of immune function.

The ancients knew it. It is in our deepest indigenous (of the Earth) selves. The division of either/or on both sides has us divorcing ourselves from our deepest communication with Life healing Life. What if Covid-19 isn’t about a virus particle that is ‘causing’ us to get sick but instead a disease of spirit loss come into biological form?

At the basis of energetic healing is an understanding that healing is about strengthening our connection to and our communication with our inherent wholeness. Not creating ‘war’ upon some particle ‘separate’ from us. There is a potential for communication and therefore healing (which means return to wholeness) if we are willing to root, connect and respond anew? Could Covid-19 be here creating the conditions out of our own self-created darkness where we can access the glow of awareness and write a new story for Life as we know it? To co-create a new Life that we don’t know yet? One that we co-create as we walk forward into uncertainty.

Fear is at the basis of all separation. Fear always has us abdicate our inherent connected power to/from/within Source to some external thing/person/event. Fear is what has brought us to this place of separation and will not create a new story. Fear will continue to have us abdicate our personal and collective power to truly access our inherent wholeness and to heal.

What if strengthening and making more sensitive your immune system made it be that you are able to remain rooted, connected to Source, and ‘response-able’ to Life as viruses, bacteria, and other teachers from the Mystery come and go?

Near Mt. Rainer Dec 2020

What if allowing a true taking in of both/and can become alive for you? Both wearing a mask and recognizing strength and true connection come from ‘staying home’ within yourself and not abdicating your power to external circumstances? Practicing power-with intentions?

What if power-with involves both/and dynamics? No superiority/inferiority like in power-over dynamics? All life is equally important and informative–here to communicate. All life–including Life from the depths of Mystery and Life in the Light. What if the hierarchy of superiority/inferiority, me/mine, right/wrong, and all the other fear-based separation are being exposed?

What if returning to our deepest indigenous roots, with and through the lens of ‘new’ quantum science, truly connecting within and with-out (internally and externally) in an embodied way were the basis for our new story/worldview? This would allow us a novel ability to respond (response-ability!) from this new awake, alert, and aware state of both being and doing. This allows the glow of awareness to illuminate the stasis within the shadow of our world and to move anew!

Upper Born Lake, White Cloud Mountains, ID August 2020

It isn’t a surprise that the inherent hierarchy of ‘isms’ that were/are present before Covid-19 are still the worldview that Covid-19 is meeting within us. Both personally and collectively. When will we begin to really have a new conversation and apply novel actions arising from a both/and perspective? “Getting back to normal and/or returning to business as usual’ is not a new conversation. Normal wasn’t working for much of Life before Covid-19. Business as usual wasn’t working for Life creating sustainable Life for all.

What if there are no absolutes? Masks, vaccines, and all? What if there are both darkness and light? What if healing includes embracing both? What if healing comes through a consciousness shift first? A shift of spirit? What if the vaccine that is necessary is one that allows us to stay connected to Life? A vaccine that we do not abdicate our power to separation? A vaccine that is not based in fear?

Tatoosh range from Panorama Point on Mt. Rainer December 2020

What if you directed your intention to what you want to sense, see, feel in our world? What if you wanted a world based on Love? One that is inherently whole, holding a counterbalance of darkness and light? The natural qualities of wholeness show up in us as a sense of flow, smoothness, and ease. How can you cultivate a movement towards wholeness, no matter the circumstances? This will automatically move you away from the practice of separation. Separation shows up in us as a sense of effort and resistance always wanting to exclude a ‘part’ of the whole.

Who, what, and how would you be with this coat of wholeness worldview embodied through you?

Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction 12/22/2020


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