We are not separate from Nature. Magnify the view by 10,000 and you could be in the center of our Milky Way galaxy. Go 10,000 in the other direction and you could be in the zero point field of vibrating strings and the vast reservoir of all possible energy. Either direction of magnification from the center of the human being takes you to the same view–a vibrating, fluxing and constantly moving spiral of energy. We are made of the same stuff—hence our inability to be separate.043


The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is a black hole in the shape of a vortex or a spiral. The physics of a black hole are amazing and are being studied in depth. Check out Brian Greene’s ” The Elegant Universe” for fascinating reading about the relationship between black holes (the center of our galaxy) and the tiniest of all matter (elementary particles) and how they are the same………..

Both black holes and elementary particles have a spin—a spiraling spin that is constantly dynamically changing. It can be measured. We are made of the same energetic spiraling energy and can measure our own ‘spin’ through our internal sensory system.

The physics of the miniscule and the vast are fascinatingly complex. They are endlessly spiraling through many more than the three dimensions that we are usually aware of. Check out this Ted Talk by Brian Greene.

Brian Greene-Universe on a String

The most powerful lab to study is the one within your own inner world. The richness, subtlety, and refinement of your sensory study will open you to the world of the miniscule and the world of the vast as they all live together within you, and all around you in the world of Nature.

Have you ever watched a sprout unfurl over time and observed the nonlinear path it takes through space? If you have a garden it is simple to do. Check out a budding tree in the springtime. Commit to watching a sprout for just a minute or two each day and create your own perspective on the graceful rounded arc of the leaves as they unfold and of the stem as it moves upward through space.


There is nothing straight about the process. The sprout intricately and gracefully unfurls through it’s own unique spiral shape into all dimensions at the same time. This is an amazing process. You can sense this if you just take a few moments each day to consistently observe the constant miniscule changes.

Have you ever sat at the zone of the ocean’s edge without thinking, planning or doing? Just allow yourself all the time you need. Invite the continuous rolling waves to bring their beautiful, graceful, curved roundedness to you one after the other. The shape of the universal spiral is so easy to feel and to see as the wave rolls over onto itself or as it laps and rolls onto the shore.



If we are interconnected with Nature, and with the miniscule and the vast, then our own internal world and movements must have the same qualities. This is easy to see as you watch a perfectly executed jump and turn by an ice dancer or a complicated multi-twisting dive by an expert high diver. We all know by sight and by internal sensation those moments we observe a perfect spiral within movement. This is because it feels effortless and graceful even just in our observation of it. Notice how you feel it–not just how you see it.

All efficient movement has this universal quality within it. Efficient movement doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or highly complicated or athletic. It feels like grace or ease. It can show up in any movement. How do you reach into the cupboard? How do you get in and out of your car?  Can you sense the universal qualities of flow, smoothness and ease that are similar to what you feel when observing the ice dancer or the diver.

These qualities of smoothness, roundedness, arc-like, continuousness, grace, connectedness, fluidity and ease can clearly be known. These qualities show up as continual mov’ing’. This done through an intricate dynamic multi-dimension spiral. Access is made through wonder and inquiry. About any of your movement intentions. That includes those inner movements of your thoughts and emotions as well as those movements of your body and limbs in space.


The unfurling of efficient movement for us—no matter what our task at hand is—shows up within our internal sensation as a sense of graceful ease. The same way it does for us when we watch the sprout, the wave, the ice dancer, or high diver. It isn’t the task that matters but the awareness of the unfolding internal sensation that matters.

A unfurling spiral of Nature

A unfurling spiral of Nature

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