The Ultimate Community Teaching

by | Mar 6, 2020 | News



In all of the Earth-based shamanic systems I have been exposed to and studied within, there has been a common question that I have heard the shaman or an elder on the path bring forth at a moment when the Universe was providing the conditions for a teaching. The teaching was always a moment for learning or evolution of a higher creation of consciousness to come into form. That question is, “What is the medicine in this moment?”

What is your medicine? What is my medicine? What is our collective’s medicine in the face of the conditions of Covid-19? I’ve been taking in and embracing the conditions I am experiencing and understanding as well as the curiosities and questions they are evoking within me.

Life is one huge ever-growing, expanding and forever changing interconnected Web. A multi-layered, complex, and intricate web of pulsing change. Life coming in and out of existence in a multitude of forms. Into and out of the Mystery of Source.

I have recognized for decades now the evolution of consciousness that Life is undergoing. Humans are a lead player in that potential transformation primarily for our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. We hold the capacity to be conscious of the whole Gaian Web of Life.

Will we lead the collective consciousness into Unity that can steward continued Life on Mother Earth for humans or will we not? Mother Earth is not in danger; only the conditions that will allow humans and other fragile life forms to continue to exist. Viruses can survive a much wider array of conditions than we can.

The separation of mind from spirt, humans from Nature, man from woman, individual from community and this from that in human consciousness is profound right now. It is being shown to us front and center, in stark terms all over the arenas of Life. The illusion of division/separation is everywhere.

Could the medicine of Covid-19 be a manifestation of the very paradox we are living? Can the virus that is asking us to ‘self-quarantine’ or isolate be showing us how that is ultimately impossible? Can the paradox of self-isolation show us the inevitable lack of barriers that live between us? Those we believe exist between ourselves, our family our neighbors, our city, our state, our country and our globe?

Can the invisible virus make visible how important it is to care for ourselves and all of the spheres of our connections, family, community and Mother Earth herself?

Personally I believe our collective medicine teaching from Covid-19 is the teaching of global immune strengthening. Ultimately a strong, resilient, vital, and responsible (ability to respond) immune system personally and collectively is one where body/mind/spirit are known to be interconnected and are supported together as a resilient whole. Integral and whole—in integrity. Personally and collectively.

Could the medicine of Covid-19 be that learning increased skills of receiving information from what our separate mind believes is ‘invisible’ influences us? Can we build skills to ‘see, and feel’ and experience the invisible before we manifest it as visible imbalance in form?

Could the biggest contagion be fear? Could fearless embodiment of body/mind/spirit connection from love be the strongest force for strengthening our personal and collective immune systems?

Could the medicine of the moment be a teaching for us to strengthen love which abolishes fear? Fear is the biggest detractor to a strong immune system (Body/mind/spirit connection).

Could the medicine be teaching us how ultimately a ‘single payer’ system for health/wholeness care of the Gaian Web of Life is the only way? A single payer system based on love community, embracing paradox, and resilient fearlessness. Could Covid-19 be here to teach us this? Could we have manifest Covid-19 as our own medicine?


I want to extend my sympathies to all you have lost dear ones to Covid-19. I also want to thank all of the healthcare and emergency response workers who have and are giving tirelessly during this time!

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May we all know, be and act from Love!