The Walking Way: Stepping Into Awareness

The Walking Way: Stepping Into Awareness is six-CD series (also available as a download). Each 45-minute teaching offers an original Feldenkrais ATM® lesson and a correlating Qi Gong Meditation. In The Walking Way, Carrie Lafferty (Physical Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner(cm), and Master Healing Qi Gong Teacher) calls on 35 years of experience in the integrated healing arts to:

  • combine Feldenkrais’ known effects (greater comfort, efficiency,  and adaptability) with the wisdom of Qi Gong (creating vitality and resilience); and
  • unveil the spiraling, mutually informing wisdom between efficient walking and Nature’s eternal truths.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a system of movement education that uses movement exploration to change functional behavior and self-image. Through verbal directions known as Awareness Through Movement (ATM®) lessons, you learn to release unconscious and often uncomfortable habits by developing an awareness of how you are moving. Cultivating awareness leads to moving with increased comfort and greater efficiency. Carrie created these six ATM lessons to be done walking.

Additionally, Carrie paired each ATM with an original Qi Gong meditation. Carrie designed these meditations to identify the inherent Qi of each of nature’s five basic elements—water, fire, wood, metal and earth—and to use that Qi to enhance those elements in yourself.

The Walking Way is the first undertaking to unveil a spiraling path between  Feldenkrais and Qi Gong

Who Will Benefit?
The unique weaving together is attractive to long-time seekers of an embodied life. Teachers, practitioners, and students alike will be attracted through their existing practice. Others will wish to expand their current practice with something fresh yet applicable.

The Walking Way is equally accessible to those familiar with or even brand-new to their healing path. Carrie’s open style and gentle voice make it easy to explore Feldenkrais and Qi Gong—at any level and for any reason.

Nature cannot exist separate from body or mind, or from other living beings. This is a truth in Qi Gong as well as in The Feldenkrais Method. Movement is the inherent connection. Using movement to refine awareness while using awareness to refine movement can harmonize action to intent, giving rise to efficiency, wisdom, and ease.

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