There Is No “Other”

by | Nov 30, 2018 | News

It’s all about fluid interconnected dynamic flow. That’s all there is. Constant change. Eternal exchange of energy. If there is not smooth flow, there is stagnation or ungrounded dispersal. Either way, unbalance. Actually, unbalanc’ing’. Because life is a verb. Always ‘ing-ing.’

There is no ‘other’. Only an infinite number of faces, manifestations, and representations of energy. All possibilities of manifestation live in everything and everyone. There is only one highly complex interconnected Web of Life. Consciousness in action.

What is not in flow becomes stagnant or dispersed. This is true as above and so below. Stagnation in Mother Nature can occur in a stagnant pond with no inlet or outflow source. Over time a less and less diversity of life can thrive there.

Ungrounded dispersal in Mother Nature can be shown as the scorched land after wildfire such as recently occurred in California. Seeds, water from rains, and wildlife in many forms cannot thrive. Seeds blow away, waters run off instead of soaking in, and the four-legged and crawly ones scurry through to a more vibrant place.

Either way the vibrancy of life is not experienced.

These stagnations or places that feel ‘stuck’ occur in each of us also. We all know them. Life feels ‘hard’, and not moving. We directly experience the lack of flow. Just like the pond, balancing requires flow. The allowance of change.

For humans this change requires actual felt sensing of the moment. No matter what the moment holds. If not seen, experienced, directly sensed, we react instead of respond with awareness.

Just like an abcess, the stagnant and purulent fluid cannot flow and be exchanged and healed. As above, so below. What is true for each human is also true for the larger spheres of our collective consciousness.

Where we are stagnant or ungrounded in ourselves gets reflected in our national and global collective consciousness. And vice versa.

Life holds an imperative to evolve, moving toward that dynamic flow. Always interconnected. Always exchanging, only change.

Our world seems chaotic right now. I see the challenges, the pain, the divisiveness, as stagnation and ungrounded dispersal coming to be seen, and experienced in the light. That is the only way evolution can occur.

What is in one is in all. What we do to one, we do to all. Staying clear with an intention for interconnection will feed that–in you and in our collective.

Feeding the ‘other’ mentality does exactly the opposite. Us versus them. Republicans versus Democrats. Men versus women. Humans versus Mother Nature. And on and on it goes. The world is only made up of opposites. The question is how can the paradoxes get held in such a way they don’t oppose each other but counter-balance each other.

We are all in this together. Staying clear on that is paramount. The potential to act in any direction lives in each of us and in the collective. Choose to feed the greater whole. Even when it is difficult.

I was recently on a very early morning flight from Seattle to Charlotte. All the final checks had been completed and the plane was just going to start backing up from the gate to head to the runway when it stopped as soon as it started. An announcement came overhead, “Can I have any medical people on board come to row 12? We need help.” I was in row 30. I put down my items and went to the front of the plane.

There was already several there aiding a woman who had passed out. Her daughter was across the aisle in tears and close to hyperventilating with concern about her mother. A woman who I found out later is an ICU nurse was caring for the elderly woman who was just waking up from passing out. I offered her daughter my hand. We breathed, stayed connected to Mother Earth, and helped gather the information about meds and food (or lack there of) that her mother had taken just an hour or so previous. The woman was revived, paramedics came and took the mother and daughter off the plane.

Nearly an hour after the initial pulling out of the gate, we were now doing so again. As I returned to my seat in the back, I was acutely aware of the interconnected web of life. Enveloped in early morning darkness and Seattle fog with shiny new snow-capped peaks poking above the low clouds, a group of humanity sat.

Faces of curiosity, smiles of gratitude, averted eye contact, sighs of relief, and silent faces, were all of what I experienced as I walked back to my seat.

A few rows in front of me I heard one of the flight attendants having a conversation with a passenger. “Will I miss my connecting flight?, was asked. The attendant handled it beautifully.

The potential to collapse, the potential to be with someone who suddenly collapses, the potential to choose one’s response to any situation always lives in us. It isn’t always easy to make a choice to see and experience the flow of interconnection, however it is there.

The thread of interconnection is always there. Which threads will manifest in which way is the question? Before the above incident occurred, as I was boarding the flight, I paused for a moment coincidentally at row 12 with the flow of boarding traffic. My eyes met a woman’s who was in that row. I remember thinking–what beautiful brown eyes and skin the woman had. Her energy was warm. We had smiled at each other. She asked, “Are you coming in to share this row with me?” I said, “no” and moved on, wishing her well. It turns out the woman I met at that moment was the daughter I was soon to be holding hands with.

The woman who collapsed was me. Her daughter was me. Each passenger and their response or reaction was me. I was me. The pilot and flight attendants were me. The fog, sun and snow capped peaks were me. The Democrat is me. The Republican is me. The person experiencing homelessness is me. The billionaire corporate CEO is me. The flowing Cascade river is me. The Western Red Cedar is me. The possibility of missing my connecting flight in Charlotte or making it was me. There is no ‘other’.

May we all remember that–viscerally-as we navigate these times. We are the consciousness making up these times. May we choose interconnected dynamic fluid flow. That’s all there is.