Vital Life through Qi Gong

by | Nov 18, 2021 | News, Qi Gong Seattle

A Yellowstone bear from Aug 2020. Strong, clear Qi!

Ever just sit and listen to the amazing intricacies of sounds there are in a flowing river? How about the sensation of a crackling fire, or the creak and groan of an old growth forest from high within the branches? What about the feeling as you observe the gradient of color change move across the sky during a vibrant sunset? Can you directly experience the curiosity and gentle wisdom when you lock eyes with a deer across the forest floor?

Life is vibrational energy. Different sounds, colors and creatures have different vibrations. Different elements and varied combinations of elements in Nature create an infinitely subtle symphony of different vibrations.

Life is vibrational energy. All of life. Including humans. We are not separate from or different from those same subtle natural elemental vibrations. In fact, we are made up of the same. Vibrating and moving constantly. Another name for this intricate web of vibrating energy is Qi. Qi is life force energy that contains and connects all. Qi connects our body, mind and spirit.

Imagine standing at the edge of a narrow chasm peering down at the intersection of cascading water over rock. Sense how you can feel, hear and see wholly through yourself those complex Qi patterns. A particular subtle and powerful manifestation of water and mineral (or rock) Qi! The sounds and sights emanating up, all around and through you, invite your own Qi to align with the wondrous power and potential rushing through that chasm.

Chasm of Qi


Now imagine yourself seated on the forest floor. Soft cedar needles brush up against your leg. You are surrounded by towering ancient elders–amazing tree beings. You can feel them breathe–expand, contract, creak and groan as the sound of the wind blows through. This wood Qi once again invites a harmonious aligning of your own Qi to emerge.


Each of the elements that make up all forms on our planet (including us) vibrates with a differnet quality of Qi. As we are made up of these very same elements, we are just continuously changing complex packets of Qi.

The Elder Beings

Qi Gong is an ancient Daoist/Chinese practice to help align your own Qi with the multiple forms of Nature’s Qi. Each of the five elements in Nature (wood, fire, earth, metal (mineral), water) vibrate differently and are paired with a particular animal.

Each of those vibrations aligns with a slightly different energy map within us. Learning to keep these energy maps in harmony is what creates health, vitality, resilience, longevity, and a peaceful ease of being. Qi Gong allows you to be able to read and adjust your own energy maps.

Qi Gong energy study is done through moving and stillness by something called forms. Breath cultivation, sounds, specific movement intentions, and felt sense visualization are also practiced within these forms.

Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong form studies specific movements and energies of the tiger, deer, ear, monkey and crane to invite a resonance with the same Qi vibrations within you. This fun and lovely Qi Gong form uses movements, specific hand mudras, breath work, and the cultivation of the very unique energy of each animal as that animal links to the five-organ/five element Chinese Medicine system. Focusing on the signature movements of each of the animals allows this correspondence to strengthen and bring harmony to your entire energetic system.


Just as Nature has a living, dynamic harmony which is constantly being updated, modified and changed, so do you. Qi Gong is the way to allow your own natural wisdom to emerge. Cultivating clear intention with the movements is like looking over that chasm and feeling, hearing and seeing that interface of rock and water Qi wholly. Clear intention and attention magnifies the invitations to align your Qi with Nature’s Qi.

This is what it means to practice Qi Gong. Won’t you join in? No prior experience is necessary. Just a curiosity.

Tai Qi contains all

Will you join us and move like the animals?

Carrie Lafferty, PT, GCFP, Master Healing Qi Gong teacher will be teaching Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong form through Feldenkrais and Qi Gong in Seattle in a series beginning on January 24, 2022. More information can be found at, 206-459-1773, or Check the classes and sessions tab on the website for details.