Who can benefit from a Session?

Movement from Within is a highly successful business of 19 years standing, well-recognized for bridging the Eastern and Western as well as the allopathic and non-allopathic modalities. Carrie is known for her integrity and compassion as an individual and as a healing practitioner. Her clients and students report feeling held in a clear container of her presence.

 “I love sending my patients to Carrie Lafferty for her masterful blend of Feldenkrais and Qi Gong work. Her experience gives her a unique and powerful approach to identifying and correcting the origins of pain and dysfunction.”

—Christy Lee-Engel, ND., L.Ac. Director of
Bastyr University Center for Spirituality, Science and Medicine.

Carrie’s work with Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, and Shamanism studies is as equally attractive to long-time seekers of an embodied life as it is to those newly drawn to the path. Teachers and fellow practitioners seek her out, often wishing to expand their current practice with something fresh yet applicable.

“Lafferty’s knowledge and vast experience are the perfect combination to help people   heal their physical, emotional, and mental life challenges.”

—Marie Manuchehri, RN, Intuitive Self Healing:
Achieve Balance and Wellness Through the Body’s Energy Centers.

Carrie’s open style and gentle voice make it easy to explore where the body meets the mind and where the mind meets universal truths—at any level and for any reason. Movement is the inherent connection. Using movement to refine awareness while using awareness to refine movement can harmonize action to intent, giving rise to efficiency, wisdom, and ease.

“I have known Carrie as a trusted colleague and friend for more than a decade. She has consistently guided my patients  back to health and wellness with her vast experience, holistic approach and constant compassion. Her continual journey of self exploration informs her practice and imbues it with wisdom, maturity, insight and integrity. I have the highest regard for Carrie and the gifts she has to offer.”

—Dr. Dean Chier, MD, Seattle, WA

Carrie’s work has proven specifically beneficial to:

  • Individuals who have learned to move in habitual ways to compensate for pain.
  • Individuals with orthopedic or neuromuscular difficulties who seek to improve function and increase comfort.
  • Athletes, martial artists, performing artists or other movement professionals who want to refine performance skills.
  • Anyone who wants to eliminate unnecessary stress or effort related to work or daily movements.
  • Individuals/practitioners who maintain prolonged periods of sitting and seek ways to increase ease and improve function.
  • Anyone who feels “stuck” and wants to more clearly link their intentions with their actions in order to get moving, in physical and/or meta-physical ways.
  • Anyone who recognizes the importance of being ‘in this present moment’ and the life-changing value that can come with a more fully embodied awareness.


Some private sessions can be billed to some insurance companies as a courtesy. Please contact me for specific details. Otherwise,  I give a “prompt pay” discount for cash or check payment made at time of service.  I don’t accept credit cards or digital forms of payment at this time.


Please email me or telephone me at 206.459.1773 to make an appointment. At this time, I do not schedule appointments online.