Winter Solstice

by | Dec 17, 2016 | News


Perhaps for a moment the keyboards will stop clicking, the wheels stop rolling, the computers desist from computing, and a hush will fall over the city.

For an instant, in the stillness, the chiming of the celestial spheres will be heard as earth hangs poised in the crystalline darkness, and then gracefully tilts.

Let there be a season when holiness is heard, and the splendor of living is revealed. Stunned to stillness by beauty, we remember who we are and why we are here.

There are inexplicable mysteries. We are not alone. In the universe there moves a Wild One whose gestures alter earth’s axis toward love.

In the immense darkness everything spins with joy. The cosmos enfolds us.

We are caught in a web of stars, cradled in a swaying embrace, rocked by the holy night, babes of the universe.

Let this be the time we wake to life, like spring wakes, in the moment of winter solstice.          ~Rebecca Parker


Solstice is Mother Earth’s moment to shift her perspective on how she navigates paradox. Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere is directly counter-balanced by Summer Solstice in the southern hemisphere. Occurring at the same moment.

It’s as if the large stirring spoon that the Gaian Web of Life is holding just settles for a moment, noticing the height of receptive stillness in the north dynamically holding the height of active conception in the south. She then ever so gently changes the direction of the stirring and life continues to unfold from this new perspective.

The paradoxical liquid soup of Life force energy that is being stirred exists on all levels simultaneously. Showing up as the gradual change from night to day, from winter to summer, from birth to death, from seed to fruit, and from inspiration to expiration, the Gaian Web of Life is in a constant state of flux.

Life requires the vast foundation of darkness to envelop, hold and rejuvenate the activity of the light within to create, manifest and grow. What comes from the darkness allows the light to be counter-balanced and grounds both within the naturalness of integrity and wholeness.

Mother Nature requires the dormancy of winter to strengthen the sap of trees and to nourish the deep essence of the seed within every plant and animal so the highest form of it’s genetic creation can spring forth a few months later.

When darkness is experienced fully during it’s manifestation, then there is no residue. When the full cycle of Life is not embraced, embodied and presenced then shadows appear. What is in the shadow is calling forth the light of embodied awareness to be experienced fully. To allow the energy of Life to move through it’s full pattern of representation.

Here in the northern hemisphere, as the Winter Solstice draws near  we  are clearly and strongly being invited to turn into the shadows that are present personally and collectively. It is time to turn with a friendly awareness into the dark. With a calm center. With an open heart. With a clear intent for knowing the inherent wholeness of the soup of Life.

As the soup spoon stirs, the Gaian Web of Life is calling out for you, and for us, to participate fully. Now is the time to fully experience the dark, holding the soup spoon handle which is now changing the direction of Life.

Will you choose to shine your own inner light of awareness into your personal shadows and our collective shadow. How will you engage? The Gaian Web of Life is calling for your engagement.