Wood: The Element of Spring

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Qi Gong Seattle


G     -Grace
R     -Rooted
O      -Open
W     -Wild
T       -Transmutation
H      -Harmonious

In Five Element Theory, the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are in a constant relationship of change with each other. Just as in Nature. These elements of Nature and their particular qualities that they imbue are linked to the same qualities within us humans. These complex relationships are the basis of interconnected dynamic harmony for health and the alchemy of body, mind and spirit.

The wood element is the element of Spring. Can you feel the earth begin to stir and wake up to support the incredible burst of energetic power that is necessary for a sprout to come forth or a bud to break open?


One of the core qualities of Wood energy in human nature and Mother Nature is growth. Growth that is balanced, diverse and interconnected with death. What qualities does this balanced growth energy of Wood contain?

GRACE-Wood energy as a system shows grace in many faces. The most obvious of course is in the natural and graceful beauty of it’s full existence. The natural arches of branches, the billowing grasses in the wind or the budding native rhododendron in the Pacific NW.


ROOTEDNESS-Wood energy allows a beautiful rooted sway as the winds blow through. Branches of all sizes spiraling, bending and arching without breaking.

OPEN-Wood energy supports the incredible diversity of interconnection necessary for Life to support itself. It is open to supporting the lichen, mushroom, or hyacinth with the same fullness of vitality as the prairie grass, the young birch sapling or the giant redwood sequoia.

WILD-Wood energy creates the wild and untamed beauty of the jungle with it’s endless symbiotic relationships of species nested within  each other, all for supporting the complex web of Life. Wood energy also creates the wild abandon of allowing it’s seed to be dispersed through the wind, water and the bowels of so many other creatures.

TRANSMUTATIONAL-Wood energy creates the very transmutational state of changing carbon dioxide into oxygen to literally cleanse and create the air for all of Life to truly breathe and thrive on Mother Earth.

HARMONY-The amazing cycle of Life shines through in the harmonic cycle of Wood energy as a system. From the seed starting in the dark bowels of the earth to the sprout, to the sapling budding, to the mature species flowering and fruiting and to the death of an elder going back to the Earth to sustain new life. What a depiction of harmony.

Do you feel the Earth stirring within your own bowels and under your own feet? May you listen, feel and begin to co-create with the arising wood energy within.