We all hold both male and female energies. Universally male energy is active, conceptive and light. Female energy is nurturing, receptive and dark. Yang (male) energy in all of us is designed by sacred law to keep moving. Yin (female) energy in all of us is designed to slow down, open and receive.yin/yang

Integrated male energy creates integrity, dignity and respect. Integrated female energy is based on honesty, commitment and honor. Harmony and wholeness in action requires integration of both energies in all of us–no matter whether we are a woman or a man.

Just like a plant, we require both energies for balance. Spurts of strong active growth energy and powerful reaching for the light. Following these periods are equally important moments of quiet, rest and rejuvenation. These are not stagnant moments. These are gathering times for assimilation, receiving and integration. This is what allows the next period of active growth to be stronger and more resilient.


Resting Yin, Active Yang

The wounded male archetypal energy in all of us appears rampant in today’s world. This energy creates hierarchy and power-over scenarios. It creates and maintains the energy for war. Actions are based on continual and constant growth, endlessly getting more and being in charge of all.

Many speak of how these times we are living in are about a transformation of consciousness. This could be described as a movement towards a union of male and female energies in each of us and in our shared collective. This requires awareness practices that are rooted in love. Love is the balanced and dynamic union between yin and yang.

How may the wounded male archetypal energy be alive in you? What are you feeding into our collective?


A ‘better than’ attitude?

A power-over belief that some parts of Life are more important than others?

A belief that Nature is a force to be ‘controlled’ or ‘ignored’ and just used?

A very heady or cerebral ‘justification’ for continued actions that harm the Earth and her children?

Yin energy (Earth) meets Yang energy (Sky) right where humanity lives. We walk in and through both. We require both for Life to continue. We are both.

At the confluence of Yin and Yang, we walk

At the confluence of Yin and Yang, we walk

As I leave for my extended Asia study sojourn in a few weeks, I am contemplating these truths. May we all nourish the wounded male archetypal energy in each of us and feed back practices that open our Earth bodies and our hearts to the balanced flow of Life on this one home we have……Earth.



My next posts will be from Asia as I am able……..I am preparing to enter the gate.

Love and blessings to all of Life,
















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