The universal pattern of life is a spiral. Actually, one that is continuously moving and changing. Shapeshifting from torus to double torus to figure of eight to spiral depending on your current moment perspective. This universal pattern is made up of opposites. When these are balanced, actually counter-balanced, there is a dynamic tension of opposites–a tensegrity in action. Night/day, up/down, forward/backward, right/left, being/doing. They are all manifestations of the two universal energetics of yin and yang.

Yin is receptive energy. It is holding, dark, feminine, nurturing, and was named by the ancients for the dark side of the mountain. Yin co-existed for the ancients with yang which was named for the light side of the mountain. Yang is active, conceptive, light, moving, and masculine. You can’t have one without the other.

Everything in the universe has yin and yang qualities. Both. At the same time. Health, vitality, and smooth flow in any system are based on an actively engaged tensegrity of yin and yang in dynamic action.


Yang needs yin to tether and hold and yin needs yang to inspire and create. The act of co-creating with the Universal pattern and flow of life means actively intending and allowing, refining, modulating, and evolving.

Below is a model for this I often use with clients as a visual demonstration for how to engage and co-create with an unfolding awakened life.


This model works for anything in life we engage with. From building, nurturing, sustaining a long-term love relationship, to having a weekend day to tackle a ‘to do’ list. It is equally important as a model for embodied awareness.

An intention is created. Big or small. You begin to actively do the work of co-creation. You begin to make it happen. Whatever ‘it’ is. The intention. Maybe you make a plan. You may have a discussion. You may make a call or a purchase or whatever sort of action is necessary to move towards your intention. As you create an intention, some of the steps to manifestation appear more clearly and easily than others.

If we use the example of a ‘to do’ list, it in and of itself is a sort of intention that was created from a previous moment or moments of co-creation. It unfolded over time. Here you begin the actions on the list and if you become too hyper focused on the details and too narrow in your view, you can spiral out of the universal counterbalance of yin and yang and spin out into unrestrained yang effort.

You becomes unrooted, too fiery, and may start to rush through just to ‘get it all done’. Sound familiar? You perform poorly, make mistakes, and begin to get impatient, frustrated, and tired. Burned out.

If you want to remain in dynamic counterbalance it will be necessary to widen your view. This brings a moment of dark space of yin to your yang action. You slowly and with awareness begin to let go and start to let the day to unfold. You may prioritize, take a deep breath, and trust. Know life continues to move and provide opportunities for all to unfold in it’s own time.

This brings you more to a feeling of center. You are still acting. Just with more of a tether to your inner worlds and the natural passage of time. As you just soften your focus, stop ‘trying so hard’, and widening your view of the moment, things often begin to fall into place naturally. You let the day unfold.

New insights, ideas of how to organize your time, or possibilities you had never considered emerge before you. If you begin to get too lost in this unfocused moment for too long you may begin to daydream, lose focus, make mistakes, and collapse into a heaviness. This is unrestrained yin becoming manifest. You become distracted and lost.

At this point it becomes necessary to slightly refocus and reconnect to your intention. You must  create a new spark. This brings you out of the depth of your unfocused collapsed effort and brings a new spark of yang into yin.

This allows you to ‘turn the corner’ and refocus your action. You rejuvenate the intention and if you remain tethered to your inner world while staying connected to your wider intent, you can begin to move towards center again.

When life remains dynamically counter-balanced, you remain emotionally and sensorially connected to the unfolding moments of Life. The unrestrained yang and yin moments are neither as high or as low. You modulate, refine, and move through life in alignment with it’s universal spiral patent of ebb and flow. Give and receive. Open and then focus. Open a little and re-focus again.

You become more skilled at noticing your efforts in either direction and learn to co-create a counter-balanced dance of yin and yang.